Youth Exchange

Patrick Hache Guilherme Pontes Emily McCloskey Farrah McGraw
Patrick Hache, LT going to Belgium, Guilherme Pontes, LT visiting from Brazil, Emily McCloskey, ST going to Italy and Farrah McGraw, LT going to Spain

The Rotary Club of Miramichi through District 7815 offers students ages 15 – 18 the opportunity to take part in either a short term or long term exchange to another country.  The purpose of exchange is to promote cultural understanding.

The short term exchange takes place during the summer months and entails local students being paired up with an international student of the same gender and similar interests.  Each of the two matched families hosts the opposite student in their home approximately 4 weeks each way, there is no involvement with the school system.

The long term exchange is for one academic school year.  The student travels to another country, lives with 2-3 host families and attends a local school.  The long term exchange program is a wonderful opportunity to learn another language or to strengthen a current second language, as well as a time to mature before entering post-secondary programs.  Please note that this is a cultural and language exchange, not an academic exchange, credits earned generally do not count.

Students who have been involved in exchange describe it as a wonderful opportunity to travel to another country and learn about different cultures. It is definitely a life long memorable experience for young people.  It has been estimated a long term exchange is worth about $25,000-30,000 were the family to pay for it out of pocket.

For more information on the programs check out Rotary International, or Study Abroad Scholarships.

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First Step to Apply:  Rotary Student Exchange Preliminary Application 23-24

The Rules:  Orientation Handbook