Victor Somers – Eastside Church speaks at weekly Rotary meeting

Rotarian Jack Christie (L) thanks Victor Somers (R)

Born and raised up river, Victor Somers always knew that his life would see him leave his home town one day to explore beyond the river that he loved. After studying in Fredericton and Florida he and his wife Jodi lived and worked in Orlando Florida, Denver Colorado and Halifax Nova Scotia. Seven years ago he returned to Miramichi to start a church. EastSide Church was launched in 2012 and has grown little by little over the last couple of years. EastSide Church purchased two vacant buildings on opposite corners of Cunard and Wellington streets in the former town of Chatham. After a renovation project that saw the auditorium completely refurbished, the Vogue Theatre was reopened and across the street, they’ve opened the Creative Grounds Café. Victor is married to his college sweetheart (24 yrs) and has an 18 year old son, Trenton

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