Rotary Exchange Student – Clara Tremosa Roura

The club recently welcomed Clara Tremosa Roura as our weekly speaker. Clara came to us last August as the youngest Rotary Exchange student ever to be sponsored by our club. She is from Barcelona Spain, and is the opposite number to local student Nathan MacDiarmid, who went on exchange to Belgium for the year. Clara spoke to us about her family and home life in Barcelona, especially her close living proximity to her schools (next door), her Christmas traditions and how they vary from here, as well as some of the sights and festival traditions of the Barcelona region. Clara has enjoyed living here for the year, starting with the MacDiarmid family, then the Greens, and finally her current home with the Barrys. She has enjoyed the sports of cross country running and basketball at MVHS, as well as now trying rugby for the first time. She also enjoys time with her friends at the local Tim Hortons. Clara will be with us until the end of the school year.
Rotary Youth Exchange offers summer (short term) and school year (long term) exchanges on an annual basis. If you are interested in exchange, please contact our club.
Clara Tremosa Roura is pictured (center right) with our Newcastle Rotary group

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