Newcastle Rotary Donates to Cradle to Career

Shown (L)to(R) – Ann Morrissy and Adam Lordon of Cradle to Career Miramichi and Newcastle Rotarians Stacey Sutherland and Barb Stothart

The Newcastle Rotary Club is donating funds to help children improve  literacy this summer

Last year Miramichi was the first city in New Brunswick to launch a city wide campaign to reduce summer learning loss. This year Cradle to Career Miramichi is further enhancing their efforts.  Cradle to Career Miramichi is working with Frontier College to offer  free  summer camps for children who are struggling with reading..  The funds from the Newcastle Rotary Club will help the children so they can attend free of charge.

Why does Summer Learning Loss matter?

Summer learning loss affects kids:

★Kids generally lose 2 months of reading achievement over the summer months

★Most kids lose 2-6 months in Mathematical computation skills

★Teachers spend 5-6 weeks reteaching material from previous grades

★By the end of grade 5  at risk kids can fall behind 2-3 grades

In addition to the Frontier College Camps, Cradle To Career Miramichi  will be working with  other partners to prevent summer learning loss.

City Of Miramichi – – The city will be  embedding 20 minutes of  reading into their existing  camps this year

Miramichi Bible Camp – This year the Miramichi Bible Camp also embedding reading into their camps. The leaders read to the children each day and gave the kids opportunity for private reading. 

 Brilliant Labs —

Brilliant Labs will be  offering  AWESOME – Science Technology Engineering and Math activities at various camps throughout Miramichi. Brilliant Labs is a not-for-profit, hands-on technology and experiential learning platform based in Atlantic Canada.  They support the integration of creativity, innovation, coding, and an entrepreneurial spirit within classrooms and educational curricula.

New Brunswick Public Libraries – The Public Libraries in Chatham Newcastle and Carrefour Beausoleil will helping the summer camps and daycares by dropping  off books weekly and help coordinate the Summer Reading Club Log Book.

The Carrefour Beausoleil Camps – This camp will be offering  fun literacy games and activities and the Carrefour Beausoleil Library worked closely with the Summer Camp by offering reading materials and various programs.

What is Cradle to Career Miramichi?

Cradle to Career-Miramichi is an initiative designed to help prepare every child, who lives within the greater Miramichi area for success from birth to career.

Using a collective impact model from Stanford University, we bring together resources from throughout the community to help students improve educational results as they reach key benchmarks in their development, placing and keeping them on a path to success.

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