Newcastle Rotary and Jeux de L’Acadie Committee Partner for Major Fundraising Campaign

The Rotary Club of Newcastle and the Jeux de L’Acadie Games Committee are excited to announce that we have partnered for a major fundraising campaign by hosting our first ever Facebook Online Auction. Proceeds from the auction will benefit both the Jeux de L’Acadie Games and Newcastle Rotary Club local scholarship programs. The auction will take place online from April 15-22, 2018 and will include items such as hockey memorabilia, amazing sporting event tickets, outdoor BBQ, lobster and vehicle accessories just to name a few!! Check back next Friday for all the main auction details!

To start promotions for the event the Chambers of Commerce is hosting a “Mini Start Up Auction” at their Miramichi Chamber Annual Curling Bonspiel on March 23, 2018 at 1PM. During the bonspiel we will have a silent auction of three of our auction items and you have to be there to bid! If interested in putting in a team for the Bonspiel please contact the Miramichi Chamber at:

or email:

For more information about the Jeux de L’Acadie —–








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