Dr. Zbigniew Nowak – Harmonic Wellness Academy

The Newcastle Rotary welcomed Dr Zbigniew Nowak as their guest speaker at our weekly meeting. Dr Nowak is a Cardiologist/Internist working in Horizon (Miramichi Zone) since December 2004. He started medicine and specialized in Internal Medicine/Cardiology in Poland and has been a medical doctor of the Cardiac Wellness Program since April 2005. Dr Nowak is also a faculty member and assistant professor at Dalhousie University and Memorial University and an international member of “The International Association of Health Care Professionals (The Leading Physicians of the World). Dr Nowak has a special interest in preventative medicine, body/mind medicine and quantum medicine. He founded, in the Fall of 2007, the Harmonic Wellness Academy which promotes wellness in each aspect of life in regards to quantum medicine. The Harmonic Wellness Academy also gets individuals to take responsibility for their own health. Thanking DR Nowak (R) is Newcastle Rotarian Jack Christie (L).

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